Construction Trends in Dallas and Phoenix

As we delve into construction trends in Q2 2024, it’s evident that there are notable improvements in both cost management and project schedules. This positive trend signifies a favorable environment for our endeavors, fostering efficiency and enhancing overall project outcomes.

One key aspect of our analysis reveals a reassuring stability in crucial construction materials such as structural steel, lumber, and concrete. The absence of significant issues in these essential materials bodes well for our projects, allowing for smoother execution and minimized disruptions.

Construction material, supply and labor report for Q2 2024

Furthermore, the report sheds light on the robust activity observed in terms of volume of contracts and the emergence of new sites. Despite the challenges posed by the evolving market dynamics, there is a palpable sense of momentum as businesses forge ahead with their development initiatives.

We are particularly encouraged by the leveled market conditions and the forward momentum observed across various sectors. With capital being deployed and debt placed on significant developments, there is a sense of optimism prevailing in the industry, underpinning our confidence in the future outlook.

Anticipated rate cuts, coupled with the easing of supply chain pressures, further bolster the prospects of construction activities in the upcoming quarters. These developments pave the way for a more conducive environment, fostering growth and innovation within the construction landscape.

I invite you to download our newest Construction Delivery Outlook report. This comprehensive analysis, focusing on design and construction trends, provides essential insights for confidently entering the Dallas and Phoenix markets.

Blake Wells, portrait, Vice President of Construction

Blake Wells
Vice President of Preconstruction

Concrete drainage pipe installation with several construction workers