Celebrating 30 Years of Design Build

Here’s to 30 years of architecture and construction, and to many more years of transforming visions into reality!

As LGE Design Build celebrates its 30th anniversary, it’s not just a time for reflection but also a moment to look forward to the future. With a foundation built on innovation, sustainability, and client satisfaction, LGE is excited for continued success in the years to come. Established in 1994, LGE Design Build has experienced significant growth by undertaking diverse projects, creating company culture, and expanding into Texas with a new team.

LGE’s ability to adapt to evolving industry trends and embrace emerging technologies has set it apart. Each project that we have done reflects not only the company’s quality but also its dedication to creating spaces that stand out from the rest. We illustrated a handful of our favorite projects from over the years to help us celebrate all year long.

We look forward to forging new partnerships, exploring uncharted territories, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in architecture and construction. The lessons learned from our past endeavors will serve as stepping stones, propelling us forward into a future brimming with potential.


What is design-build in the context of construction and architecture? Design-build is a construction and project delivery method where the design and construction phases are integrated into a single, streamlined process. It involves a single entity, such as LGE Design Build, being responsible for both the design and construction aspects of a project.

How has LGE Design Build evolved over the 30 years, and what makes their approach unique? LGE Design Build has evolved through significant growth, diverse projects, the establishment of a distinct company culture, and expansion into new territories like Dallas, Texas. With architecture and construction under one roof, LGE can uniquely adapt to industry trends, embrace emerging technologies, and maintain a commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

What is the significance of LGE expanding into Texas with a new team? The expansion into Texas signifies a strategic move to broaden LGE’s geographical reach and potentially tap into new markets. The Dallas and Phoenix commercial real estate markets share similarities in their robust population growth, economic diversity, and business-friendly environments, fostering demand across various sectors. Both cities also benefit from strategic logistics, job growth, and urban development initiatives, contributing to a positive climate for commercial real estate construction and design.

What role does company culture play at LGE Design Build, and how does it contribute to their success? Company culture is a significant factor in LGE’s success. LGE works hard to represent its core values of proactiveness, communication, quality, and dependability. We believe this creates employee satisfaction, client satisfaction, and translates into high-quality work.