• LGE's Top 5 projects of 2022

    LGE’s Top Projects of 2022

    12/29/22 |

    We've been blessed with many amazing clients and projects over the years and 2022 was no different! We wanted to highlight some of the projects that really stood out to us, both in Phoenix and Dallas. In order to make the cut, these projects had to be completed before years end in 2022.

  • Q4 Construction Delivery Outlook

    12/14/22 |

    We’re here to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information about market trends and conditions. Within this report, you will find data that clarifies the ‘Why’, including the most current market conditions, the observed impact of these conditions, and proactive measures we can take to be fully prepared for what’s to come. We realize the market is changing, unpredictably and rapidly. The information contained in this report is using the most up-to-date data available as of October 2022.

  • Barn raising construction

    A History of Tilt-Up Construction

    11/14/22 |

    While Thomas Edison was credited for a number of revolutionary inventions, he also deserves some credit as one of the pioneers of tilt-up construction. Very few realize that tilt-up construction became popular around the turn of the century, when Edison became a prominent name, and even fewer know that the practice originated long before this.

  • Architecture meeting

    Inflation and Interest Rates Highlight Design Build Need

    10/28/22 |

    Since the pandemic hit, the only thing constant in the construction industry has been volatility. We went from a total shut down to demand being almost off the charts for a number of sectors, and now, with soaring inflation and the Fed raising interest rates, we are back to a period of uncertainty.

  • Accordion player

    Oktoberfest 2022: Build, Beer, and Brats

    10/24/22 |

    Prost! Last Friday, we tipped our steins back and celebrated Oktoberfest at our company-wide quarterly event. While these types of events are normally held offsite, it is sometimes nice to use our beautiful breakroom and courtyard to gather our team, especially when we can enjoy this beautiful Fall weather in Arizona.

  • Creation Equity conversation

    We Have Touchdown in Houston

    10/19/22 |

    Team members from Creation and LGE Design Build joined some guests last week in Houston to celebrate the expansion of both companies’ footprint in the Texas market. The event was a happy hour to mark the groundbreaking of two new industrial projects in the northwest part of the city – Houston Point 290 and Cypress Creek Distribution Center.

  • Sand mine on water aerial view

    Sand: The Forgotten/Disappearing Construction Material

    10/06/22 |

    When you hear the words “construction materials,” it is only natural to think of the more common commodities, like lumber, steel, or glass. Someone in the industry might also include less popular materials like gypsum or copper. However, a material not often considered is one that directly affects the production of a number of vital materials: sand, which is in short supply globally.

  • Industrial Warehouse Interior

    E-Commerce Still Driving Industrial Warehouse Demand

    10/03/22 |

    The demand for industrial warehouse space remained surprisingly strong during the pandemic. Statistics showed that shopping habits changed dramatically, especially during the shutdown, and many people shifted toward e-commerce retail for almost all of their needs. In 2020, e-commerce sales rose by $244 billion since the previous year, which was a 43 percent increase. Because of this increase, brick-and-mortar retailers joined e-commerce companies by seeking out warehouse space to fulfill their online orders.


  • LGE Group outside Taliesin West

    Modern Architecture: A Trip Through Taliesin

    10/14/22 |

    As a true design-build firm, we strive to immerse ourselves in architecture no matter what department it is in which we work. This was the spirit behind our Operations Department’s recent outing to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West in Scottsdale last week.

  • natural lighting in bathroom

    Making Your Custom Home Sustainable

    08/03/22 |

    One of the biggest misconceptions about those who are building custom homes is that they have money to waste. They can obviously afford to build their dream home, so money is definitely not a concern, right? This couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only are custom home buyers often working on a tight budget...

  • architecture planning meeting

    Things to Know When Building a Custom Home

    08/03/22 |

    Starting the process of building your dream custom home can be both an exciting and daunting experience, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Aside from the necessary hoops you need to jump through to secure the needed financing for the project...


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