Thunderbird Commerce Park: Industrial Placemaking with Creation

In a strategic collaboration, LGE Design Build has been entrusted by Creation to lead the architectural and construction endeavors of Thunderbird Commerce Park. This ambitious project is poised to shape the landscape of the highly coveted Scottsdale Airpark submarket, offering a premier space for Class-A logistics/manufacturing facilities.

Strategic Vision in a Prime Location

Set in the heart of the Scottsdale Airpark submarket, Thunderbird Commerce Park is more than another construction project.

Grant Kingdon, Principal of Mountain West Region for Creation, highlights the strategic importance of Thunderbird Commerce Park in addressing the growing demand for industrial spaces in the Phoenix-metro market. “This supply-constrained submarket consistently features the highest rental rates and tightest vacancy levels,” he notes, emphasizing the pivotal role of the park in meeting the region’s industrial space needs.

Tailored for Diverse Industries

From pharmaceutical and aerospace companies to players in the electric vehicle and semiconductor sectors, the facility is designed to accommodate the unique needs of diverse industries. This flexibility is a testament to the thoughtful approach taken by LGE Design Build and Creation to create a space that fosters innovation and collaboration.

Creation Addressing Critical Supply Gaps

The northeast Valley, where Thunderbird Commerce Park is situated, faces unique challenges in terms of industrial inventory. With the smallest industrial inventory and the fewest square feet under construction among all submarkets in the Phoenix metro, the demand for quality industrial spaces is more significant than ever. Thunderbird Commerce Park aims to bridge this gap, contributing to the growth and development of the region.

Construction Timeline and Future Prospects

With construction already started, Thunderbird Commerce Park is on a fast track to becoming a landmark in the Scottsdale Airpark submarket. LGE Design Build has a track record of over 1,200 completed projects on time and on budget.

Stay tuned for more updates on Thunderbird Commerce Park.

Meet Brandon Camp, Director of Business Development, Texas.

Can you tell us about your background in the construction industry and how it has prepared you for your role as Director of Business Development at LGE Design Build?

I remember running through the crane yard at my grandfather’s steel erection company at the age of 6, he and my father both worked in commercial construction. Although my family was in commercial construction, I started in residential. Later, I switched to commercial construction working for a utility concrete subcontractor. Working with LGE on a project, I was impressed by Grant Blunt’s leadership and their efficient approach. For over 2.5 years, I delved into project management, gaining a deep understanding of LGE’s processes and capabilities.

I learned that successfully managing a project entails overseeing all phases, from budget and design to construction and completion, while also managing the relationship.

As a resource during the due diligence phase, how do you contribute to the success of projects and help clients gain value in the construction industry?

Managing projects during COVID opened me up to a new assortment of challenges in construction. Allocations, escalations, long-lead times, and manpower shortages created struggles that aligned our team with the right partners, while simultaneously sharpening our skills on the design-build front. Whether it’s an upfront budget to bring in utilities, working through site plan options to optimize parking, or recommending the appropriate Geotechnical firm, I can help our clients well before a project is in the design phase.

Building strong industry relationships is crucial in the construction business. Could you share some insights on how these relationships benefit both LGE Design Build and its clients?

Regardless of your position or industry, relationships are always crucial to success. In my new role, I made it my top priority to build relationships with vendors and trade partners, because I felt strongly about their value in our industry. Because of these strong relationships, our clients will see better budgets, tighter schedules, and overall healthier projects from start to finish

You’ve been with LGE for nearly 3 years. What have been the most significant developments or achievements?

To me, it’s all about our team’s success. It is truly significant to walk into our new office in Dallas’s Design District and see the same core group of teammates that I began this journey with. I’ve been involved in over 20 buildings since I’ve started, but our new HQ in Dallas holds the torch, because it showcases our capabilities outside of our Industrial successes. However, we put so much into every LGE project, it’s very rewarding to see them come to life for our clients as well. 

LGE Design Build’s Dallas office.

The Texas office has been growing and evolving. Can you describe how the Texas office of LGE Design Build has taken shape and what types of projects it has been involved in?

Walking into a small space in Dallas with only a handful on our team, to now over 20 in our Dallas office is amazing. We’ve designed and built around 15 warehouses, 10 or more tenant improvements (TIs), 5 hospitality projects and office spaces as well. Our pipeline is full of similar projects in various stages of design, with a few ranging into other markets such as retail, mixed-use and build-to-suit (BTS). 

Can you highlight some of the unique challenges and opportunities you’ve encountered in the greater Dallas metro area with regard to new projects?

Construction, in general, has been impacted by challenging capital markets. From the start, we dedicated ourselves to collaborating with the best trade partners and forging essential relationships necessary for success. We have been successful in creating a strong foundation, and we are seeing the benefits of that now. As the capital markets continue to be difficult, we are leveraging our relationships to expand our pipeline and include a multitude of new ventures. 

Northmark Commerce Center
Northmark Commerce Center

In your opinion, what sets LGE Design Build apart from other design-build contractors in the region, and how does this benefit clients?

When I started, I jokingly referred to LGE as a “well-funded startup” when speaking to new and existing staff. Part of the reason behind that is, with LGE Design Build’s experience of nearly 30 years in the Arizona market, we aren’t “new” in any sense of the word. Our team was built on that success, and we’re using that experience to shape the Texas team. Much like the World Series Champions the Texas Rangers, we added the right pieces, spent the time and energy to align them departmentally, to deliver the best in market design and construction to our clients. Our design team sets the bar extremity high, and we consistently deliver some of the best-looking projects in every product type with the highest quality construction. 

How do you see the future of the construction industry in the greater Dallas metro area, and what role do you think LGE Design Build will play in shaping it?

Despite the challenges of 2020-2021, we experienced more work than anticipated, and that seems to be cooling off. We are seeing growth coming in from out-of-state, driving the need for ground up industrial, which is providing a strong backlog as we continue to diversify our project portfolio. I think our Texas HQ is a prime example of office trends which will require owners to make some changes to accommodate their future tenants needs. With our strong background in industrial and mixed-use developments, I feel LGE is positioned to shine in the DFW market.

What advice would you give to aspiring professionals looking to build a career in the construction and development industry, based on your experiences and journey at LGE Design Build?

Building strong relationships is crucial. Instead of sending angry emails when issues arise, pick up the phone and seek resolution. We’re all human, and solutions can be found just as easy as mistakes can be made. You’ll work closely with these partners for an extended period, and you’ll cross paths more frequently than you might anticipate.

Outside of your professional life, what’s a hobby or interest you’re passionate about? 

Right now, life revolves around my children. Both have active school, sports, and social lives, and I love being involved in all of it with them. Outside of the kiddos, I enjoy date nights with my wife of 10 years, which are centered around our shared love of food. 

How do you find balance between your work and personal life?

It’s a balancing act for sure. If you’ve spoken with me more than a handful of times, you’ve likely heard my kids in the background. I admittedly don’t “turn off” my work life, but my family is supportive, and they love what I build and what LGE represents. Our company has a culture that encourages family involvement and it makes it a lot easier to find that balance.