Airpark Logistics Center

From navigating entitlements to the intricate phases of design and construction, It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to build a project like Airpark Logistics Center. The project represented in this video is a testament to the commitment of our team, emphasizing our dedication to modern design, quality craftsmanship, staying on budget, and delivering on time.

Defining Project Types in Construction

In the world of architecture and construction, projects come in various shapes and sizes. Each project type carries its unique characteristics and challenges, making it crucial for clients and investors to understand their options. At LGE Design Build, our mission is to guide you through the intricacies of project types, helping you find the perfect fit for your vision. From “Build to Suit” to “Adaptive Reuse,” we’ve got it all covered!

Build to Suit (BTS): Tailoring Spaces to Perfection
Have a specific vision for your space? Build to Suit is the way to go. In this scenario, an end user purchases the land and provides the funding. The design and construction process is entirely centered around your unique requirements, resulting in a space that perfectly suits your needs.

Build to Suit for Lease: Customization without Capital Worries
Don’t want to purchase land or finance the project? With Build to Suit for Lease, we partner with developers to buy the land and provide the capital. You still get a fully customized building, tailored to your business needs, without the financial burden of ownership.

Speculative Build: Finding the Perfect Tenant or Buyer
Speculative builds are exciting ventures for developers. These buildings are constructed without a specific end user in mind and are designed to create the most flexibility as possible for a wide variety of users. The goal is to build the space and then either find a buyer or secure tenants for leasing. LGE provides the architecture services, quality construction and the speed to market speculative builds require.

Shell Construction: The Blank Canvas
Shell construction lays the foundation for customization. It typically involves site work, concrete slabs, exterior walls, finishes, and roof structures. The interior, referred to as a “grey” shell, usually features basic elements such as minimum lighting, plumbing stubs, and mechanical unit curbs. The extent of the “shell” may vary depending on the project and its goals.

Tenant Improvement (TI): Bringing Spaces to Life
Tenant Improvement is the art of transforming a shell, whether it’s a new or existing building. This phase focuses on the interior, incorporating elements like lighting, plumbing fixtures, walls, drywall, flooring, millwork, and doors & hardware. It’s the stage where your vision truly comes to life.

Adaptive Reuse: A Sustainable Transformation
Adaptive reuse is all about giving old buildings a new lease on life. It goes beyond interior tenant improvements, involving an exterior overhaul. This could mean re-skinning the building, adding new doors and windows, and completely transforming its appearance while also enhancing the interior. It’s a sustainable and creative approach to repurposing existing structures.

Collaborating with Your Vision

LGE has an in-house architecture team, but we’re ready to work seamlessly with your chosen architect. As a design-build firm, partnering with another architect doesn’t change our process. Whether you have a specific architect in mind or want to leverage our expertise, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

So, whether you’re a business owner seeking the perfect space, an investor hunting for opportunities, or a visionary looking to transform an aging building, LGE Design Build is your partner in turning dreams into reality.