By: Tom Radz | 03/15/22 |

The Construction Process

During construction, we manage tasks related to on-site activity and ensure that we proactively communicate with the construction team, and that we adhere to weekly schedules, delivering day-to-day objectives that ensure the project is completed on time.

The first order of construction is to complete preliminary sitework, which includes grading to manage the flow of water across the site and includes the retention or detention required. Sitework also includes getting wet and dry utility subcontractors to the site. 

A shell building separates the building’s interior space from the exterior surrounding areas, provides structural stability, and includes the foundation, doors, windows, footers, and roofing. A mix of materials may be used in the construction of the shell, including stone, wood, concrete, metal, masonry, and glass. The core (the elevators, restrooms, and utility closets in the middle of the building) is typically constructed with the shell.

The tenant improvement (TI) build-out takes the raw space and turns it into the inviting space that our clients desire. This includes all interior finishes, cabinetry, flooring, and other fixed items.