By: Mike Bjella | 05/24/23 |

Director of Tenant Improvement, Nathan Padron

Nathan leads LGE’s Tenant Improvement Division. He works directly with our architectural and construction teams to make our tenant improvement projects surpass the clients’ goals and expectations.

How do you work with the design team to incorporate the clients vision?

Planning starts day one. From the time the design meeting kicks off, we are working with client hand in hand to create the perfect project. We adjust as needed, value engineer when necessary and provide solutions to the client that address any potential concerns. Understanding the client’s vision, identifying scope, and putting together a comprehensive plan allows our team to deliver the clients’ project in the most efficient manner.

How do you prepare for long lead times?

The items that continue to be front of mind are HVAC and Electrical. With longer lead times than normal, we address this need with the client early on to ensure availability. We release items strategically to make sure we stay on schedule and not delay the project which in turn, ends up as a cost saving for the client.

How does LGE get the best subcontractors for each job?

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our subcontractors in the valley over the past 30 years. Choosing the right sub for the right job only accelerates the schedule and ensures a successful project. From the drywall to the front desk in the lobby, the right team is formed for the right project every time.

What is the main scope of work you are seeing in larger TI’s?
  • HVAC/Ventilation
  • Electrical/lighting
  • Climate control rooms
  • Enlarged dock doors
  • Additional office space
  • Forklift chargers
What makes LGE the design builder of choice for TI projects?

At LGE, we have the ability to think outside of the box providing creative solutions for our clients. Whether it is in the concept stage, or value engineering after the project kicks off, our team has the innate ability to provide advantageous solutions.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Speaking of solutions, that is what I enjoy most about my job. Being able to work through and solve problems. When city comments spark a shift in gears, we figure it out. When the client adjusts their approach and redesigns mid project; we adjust and make it work. It’s truly amazing to see it all come together in the end!

What do you like to do when you are not working? 

I enjoy spending time with my family. I have two kids that keep me busy when I’m not at work, and I enjoy being outdoors with them and spending quality time before they grow up too fast!