By: Mike Bjella | 12/14/22 |

Q4 Construction Delivery Outlook

We’re here to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information about market trends and conditions. Within this report, you will find data that clarifies the ‘Why’, including the most current market conditions, the observed impact of these conditions, and proactive measures we can take to be fully prepared for what’s to come. This report focuses on the design and construction industries through the most recent data, so that together, we can enter the market better equipped and more confident. 

We realize the market is changing, unpredictably and rapidly. The information contained in this report is using the most up-to-date data available as of October 2022. 

Below is a quick recap, be sure to download the full report here.

Construction Labor

The construction unemployment rate is still below the pre-pandemic level, but the demand for skilled workers remains. Despite the economic challenges presented in the second half of the year, general contractors and subcontractors are still looking to fill positions. Download the full report here.

Supply Chain

The supply chain continues to improve as we enter the holiday season. In a not so positive development, ships from Asia in recent months have increasingly bypassed the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to avoid traffic and looming labor problems. The American Trucking Association is still reporting a shortage of drivers and it appears to be a global issue, not something isolated to the United States. Download the full report here.

Material Costs

With demand for certain sectors cooling off, many material prices continue to either stabilize or drop. Factors like geopolitical instability, inflation, and gas prices still add strain to the supply chain, but nowhere near what we experienced in early 2021. Download the full report here.