By: Mike Bjella | 08/04/23 |

How Design-Build Unites Architects and Contractors

In the world of construction and architecture, successful projects are often the result of seamless collaboration between architects and contractors. The traditional design-bid-build approach, where architects create the plans and then invite contractors to bid on the project, has its limitations. Fortunately, the Design-Build model offers a more integrated and collaborative approach, bringing together architects and contractors from the early stages of a project to work hand-in-hand. As a design-build contractor in Phoenix, Arizona, we at LGE Design Build believe that this collaborative method not only fosters a more efficient problem-solving process but also unlocks the potential for innovative and groundbreaking solutions.

What is Design-Build?

At its core, Design-Build is a project delivery method that combines the design and construction phases under one roof. Instead of hiring separate entities for architecture and construction, the client partners with a single design-build team that consists of architects, engineers, and contractors, all working in tandem from start to finish.

Early Collaboration for Efficient Problem-Solving

One of the primary advantages of Design-Build is the early involvement of contractors during the design phase. This allows for real-time cost evaluations and constructability assessments, enabling potential issues to be identified and resolved proactively. By working together from the outset, architects and contractors gain a deeper understanding of each other’s requirements, resulting in more accurate design plans that align with the project’s budget and timeline.

Design-Build Perspectives:
Opens dialogue between team stakeholders
Shorten timelines
Control costs
One point of contact
Communicate design effectively
Set design expectations
Control costs
Work more efficiently 
Control costs
Maintain quality
Collaboration with architectural team
Definitive construction documents

Unlocking Innovation through Collaboration

Design-Build’s collaborative environment encourages open communication among all team members. Architects and contractors share ideas, insights, and expertise freely, leading to innovative solutions that might not have surfaced in a traditional design-bid-build model. The interdisciplinary approach fosters a sense of ownership among all stakeholders, promoting a collective drive for project success. Ultimately, this spirit of collaboration creates an atmosphere where everyone is committed to achieving the best possible outcome.

Streamlined Decision-Making for Efficient Execution

The streamlined decision-making process is another significant advantage of the Design-Build approach. In a traditional model, architects and contractors might work independently and occasionally find themselves at odds when faced with complex design or construction challenges. Conversely, Design-Build teams work as a cohesive unit, able to make rapid decisions and adapt to unexpected circumstances efficiently. This nimbleness ensures that projects progress smoothly, even in the face of unforeseen obstacles.

Accelerating Timelines with Collaborative Efforts

Time is a valuable resource in any construction project, and Design-Build’s collaborative model can significantly expedite timelines. With continuous communication and collaboration, potential delays can be quickly addressed and resolved. Additionally, the overlap between the design and construction phases allows for fast-tracked schedules, enabling earlier project completion and quicker occupancy for the client.

Continuous Improvement and Future Success

Notably, the benefits of collaboration extend beyond the project’s duration. The lessons learned during each Design-Build project contribute to an ongoing improvement in processes and innovation. Over time, the team develops a strong working relationship, refining their collaborative efforts and building on past successes.


The Design-Build model unites architects and contractors in a collaborative endeavor that promotes efficiency, innovation, and successful project outcomes. By fostering open communication, encouraging early involvement, and streamlining decision-making, this approach unleashes the true potential of a project. As a design-build contractor in Phoenix, Arizona, we are proud to embrace the power of collaboration and continue delivering exceptional projects that stand as a testament to the transformative possibilities of the Design-Build approach.