Stock & Stable

An American gastropub with Italian influence, Stock & Stable is part of The Colony along 7th Street in Uptown Phoenix’s latest hospitality district. Offering a warm, inviting atmosphere with a menu developed by Chef Jared Porter, the food and experience are second to none.


A centrally located bar invites guests to enjoy a drink while waiting for friends or family. The main dining area features both indoor and outdoor seating and creates an upscale experience with natural lighting and a material palette that expresses warmth through its mild Tuscan style. The flavors from the menu and the details of the dining room all remind the guests of a cozy home. Food, craft microbrews, and artisanal cocktails await guests with a menu that shifts to match the season’s offerings.

  • SIZE
  • 4,215 sf
  • 2015
  • 2016