Sonoran Medical Centers

Sonoran Medical Centers add professional medical staff to the expanding needs of the Phoenix-Metro area with 9 providers centralized in a single office. Designed to include ample daylighting as a primary feature, the new facility creates a bright experience throughout the office and exam room spaces.


20 exam rooms, 8 nurse stations and relaxing areas for patient waiting fill the site and provide a spacious, comfortable atmosphere with rich wood and earth tones meant to relax patients ahead of their exams. Both patient and staff have been provided functional space that incorporates best-practices for fast-tracking appointments from check-in through to their provider. The overall design incorporates native Sonoran elements with stone cladding and a desert-inspired color palette which feel right at home in the local community setting.

  • SIZE
  • 11,740 sf
  • 2012
  • 2012


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