Skyline Gila River

Gila River School fosters grades 6 through 12 and includes classrooms, labs, specialty rooms, a gymnasium, and a multipurpose lunchroom with adjacent outdoor amenity space. The design maintains a clean, linear and striped aesthetic with a standing-seam panel projection atop a storefront window system and two-story overhang at the main entrance. The entry also features an alternating steel scrim to shade and provide privacy to the administration.


The school’s colors of orange and purple were used tastefully at recesses along the elevation. The windows to each classroom are surrounded with a projecting steel plate shape to add solar protection to the glass. The massing steps up at the gym to provide clear height required for its function. The rear elevation features a deep, covered metal canopy area for students that spills out to more outdoor seating and the field beyond. The backside of the school boasts outdoor basketball courts and a soccer field.


LGE worked closely with the owners and faculty to ensure their design vision was executed in every aspect of their mission, purpose, and function.

  • SIZE
  • 36,000 SF
  • 2018
  • 2019


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