Obon Sushi

Obon Sushi was designed by LGE’s in-house architecture and its interiors team. Working with the client to garner some of the successes of their Tucson and Scottsdale Quarter locations, the new restaurant hums with eclectic design, custom furniture and vibrant art throughout. It features a large sprawling patio and expansive glass garage doors that open out to it, making the space feel as if it’s doubled in size during the better part of the year.


The large, open kitchen provides visibility to patrons and seating at the sushi bar to watch sushi preparation up-close. From signage to lighting and from furniture to specialty equipment, the restaurant has come to life and delivered outstanding service from its carefully crafted space in Scottsdale’s McCormack Ranch ever since. LGE is proud to have been a part of giving OBON its newest home for raving fans of their happy hours, signature dishes and vibrant atmosphere.


  • SIZE
  • 4,480 sf
  • 2018
  • 2019