Crown Castle

One of the nation’s leading providers of shared wireless infrastructure occupies this Class-A build-to-suite office space. Appointed with modern details and material finishes, the Crown Castle office in Chandler, Arizona is within minutes of high-density retail and transit gateways.


A prominent, cantilevered 2nd floor accentuates the main entrance with uplighting that illuminates the wood and stone facade. Full height glazing throughout the space provides a flood of daylight while additional lighting comes from decorative fixtures in the evening hours. Polished concrete floors and exposed ductwork provide a slightly industrial feel but are softened against the textures of fabrics in both furniture and carpet. To meet a truncated schedule for completion, at just under 14 months, Crown Castle actively participated in the design to achieve a building that reflects the values of their brand.

  • SIZE
  • 70,000 sf
  • 2014
  • 2015