820 Exchange

820 Exchange is a four-building development that is made up of nearly 1 million square-feet of industrial distribution space and features clean-cut modern design, state of the art industrial amenities and first-rate access to key transportation routes.


This best-in-class multi-building development has state of the art industrial amenities along with best-of-market clear height and loading area dimensions complete with contemporary finishes. The office entrances on each building are clad in a Texas limestone, adding an aesthetic and raw look. The limestone bricks used in the construction were sourced from local quarries.


Located between Beach St. and Haltom Road, just South of Interstate 820, the business park has near immediate highway accessibility and is only four miles north of Fort Worth’s bustling downtown. Haltom City has been named as one of the fastest growing and fourth largest metro areas in the U.S.

  • SIZE
  • 951,318
  • 2019
  • 2021


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