The Collective on Baseline

The Collective on Baseline completely transformed a former hub of activity in Tempe, Arizona, following a downturn in early 2000. The new, stay-all-day destination is a mixed-use development, offering both entrainment and residential components.


Trendy Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, a sought-after brand in the dine-in theater market, brings together a variety of other consumer-focused amenities from shopping, dining and fitness facilities. As Tempe continues to develop its bike-friendly mentality, The Collective will be a centerpiece destination for visitors both on bike, foot or car. The family-centric development will offer activities and experiences for all ages, reinvigorating the neighborhood and establishing a presence for the influx of multifamily developments joining The Collective in the near future.

  • SIZE
  • 55,000 sf
  • 2016
  • 2018


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