Located in the heart of Gilbert at the SanTan Village Shopping Center, Sandbar is the newest and wildly popular concept to hit the Town. At 10,000 sf and already preparing to expand, this exciting restaurant concept is LGE’s newest addition to its growing list of restaurant and entertainment projects.


Designed in house by LGE Design Build, the building is a southwestern style design with wide expanses of Gilbert’s favorite wood touches and tall linear orientations of stucco and masonry.


The interior is a feast for the eyes – full of color, beach-themed furniture, lighting and murals with a seemingly endless stretch of TV’s and seats under the thatch-roof covered bar. Throughout the majority of the year Sandbar is more outdoor than indoor, with an enormous patio full of games, seating and more. The grass side yard only adds to the patios usability and the vibrant outdoor atmosphere.


Completed in March of 2019, the project has opened to wild success, with lines out the door and community excitement for their new beach hangout. The whole LGE team enjoyed their part in making this amazing concept a success. Look out for our plaque on the sidewalk just outside the entrance!

  • SIZE
  • 10,000 SF
  • 2018
  • 2018