Alamo Draft House

Alamo Draft House is part of the explosion of Alamo’s boutique movie-theater concept into neighborhoods all around the valley and nation. Mixing it up with an array of retail, multifamily and restaurant buildings, Alamo Draft House joins The Collective, a mixed-use development you can’t miss as you drive down the busy Baseline Road in Tempe. The building’s exterior evokes the old, red movie theater curtain of years past with the playful pattern of metal panel that skins the building. Then, there’s the murals – two giant pop-culture installments on the west façade near the entry and the movie-poster inspired creation on the south Baseline frontage.


The 35,001 SF theater on Baseline Road and Lake Shore Drive provides a constantly active patio and bar-restaurant right at the main entry with tall storefront glass and roll-up doors that make the theater an indoor-outdoor experience. Within the building, Alamo houses 7 theaters in addition to its bar-restaurant and provides a dine-in experience for movie-goers. It’s an iconic project that LGE is proud to add to its hospitality portfolio and we look forward to spreading this exciting concept to new locations around the valley.

  • SIZE
  • 35,001 sf
  • 2018
  • 2018

Tempe, AZ