Laser Components

Laser Components manufactures exactly what you might expect – laser components, within clean environments and with microscopic precision. The project is the home of the Southwest US office, research and production facility, incorporating complex gas, liquid chemical, electrical and air systems that are critical to the delicate processes of Laser Components’ business.

The high-tech nature of the business is not only reflected in its processes, but in its design as well. The project greets Nevada Street with a remarkable display of glass, solar-conscious metalwork and a smooth, light application of vertical spans of masonry with contrasting dark punctuation. Like a number of LGE’s recent projects, it represents some of the most ambitious, technical design happening in the market today, and sets LGE apart as the only design-build company undertaking projects of such complexity.

  • SIZE
  • 21,000 sf
  • 2019
  • 2020