Celebrating Our Winning Culture – Q4 2017

Erin Skog, LGE's Q4 Employee Values Recognition winner

Erin Skoog, LGE’s Q4 Employee Values Recognition winner

It is an honor to name our awesome employee, Erin Skoog, as LGE’s Q4 Employee Values Recognition winner! Erin crafted an in-depth and top-quality Procore training book that will be a great reference tool for the entire construction department. Thank you, Erin, for your proactive work ethic and focus on this project!

LGE is thrilled to announce that three projects have been selected as finalists for the 2018 AZRE Red Awards. The finalists are MS Chandler Airpark, Mora Italian and Whiskey Row Gilbert. We feel honored that our team’s hard work has been recognized and are eager to discover the 2018 AZRE Red Awards winners in March.

We also want to acknowledge all of our employees who have celebrated anniversaries with LGE this past quarter. Thank you for being a part of our LGE family!

Darrell Malin — 4 years

Mark Maxwell — 4 years

Lori Hunt — 5 years

Mark Traughber — 17 years

Jon Mandigo — 4 years

Of course, we couldn’t forget to wish a happy birthday to our employees who celebrated another lap around the sun this July through September. We hope this next year is even greater than the last!

10/13 Ivy Tuliefano

10/16 Aaron Call

10/19 Frank Pettit

10/19 John Mocarski

10/19 Josh Dickson

10/21 Michele Compton

10/23 Vance Chapman

10/29 Larry Smith

11/12 Mike Krause

11/16 Sabra Gault

11/28 Kelly Gray

12/4 Jon Mandigo

12/21 Holly Gurwell

12/24 Jaime Marquez

12/29 Jim Kelly

And finally, we want to give a shout out to our new hires! Welcome to the LGE Family!

John Hancock 10.23.2017

Aaron Call 11.1.2017

Lauren Kelley 11.1.2017

Matt Gluskin 11.13.2017

Brandon Shapiro 11.13.2017

Phil Andrews 11.20.2017

Robin Lukowski 11.20.2017

Hennie van Niekerk 11.20.2017

Andrew Greybar 12.01.2017