Celebrating Our Winning Culture – Q3 2017

He’s been with LGE since 1996 and he’s always proven himself as a selfless, invaluable part of the LGE family. So while working tirelessly on the Overstreet project in Downtown Chandler, our very own Brent Guida (LGE Superintendant) used his birthday “bonus” day off to support his team by bringing his own grill to the site and treating the whole team to over 80 hamburgers with all the fixin’s. View the heartwarming video recap on our Facebook.

We also want to acknowledge all of our employees who have celebrated anniversaries with LGE this past quarter. Thank you for being a part of our LGE family!

David Sellers – 19 years

Carrie Garcia – 14 years

Brent Stayner – 12 years

Jaime Marquez – 5 years

Albert Madrid – 3 years

Jim Pellegrino – 3 years

Todd Green – 3 years

Fabiola Sweis – 2 years

Of course, we couldn’t forget to wish a happy birthday to our employees who celebrated another lap around the sun this July through September. We hope this next year is even greater than the last!

7/1 Danny Plapp

7/4 Lauren Kelley

7/5 Kim Shobe

7/6 Albert Madrid

7/8 Chelsea Duran

7/12 Jason Jones

7/13 Todd Green

8/7 Mark Maxwell

8/16 Fabiola Sweis

8/20 Bob Corry

8/27 Brent Stayner

8/30 Lori Hunt

9/6 Brent Guida

9/24 Robert Shepard