Celebrating Our Winning Culture – Q2 2017

Celebrating Our Winning Culture – Q2 2017

Get the confetti ready because we’re celebrating big anniversaries for two of LGE’s most tenured team members. Both Frank Pettit and Vance Chapman have been with LGE for 21 years, since the very infancy of the company! Without their hard work and loyalty, LGE would not be the award-winning, renowned company it is today. Thank you both for everything you do, Vance and Frank, and here’s to many more years with our LGE family.

If you want to get to know these two LGE legends a little better, here are the top five things you need to know about Frank Pettit and Vance Chapman.

And we want to acknowledge all of our employees who have celebrated anniversaries with LGE this past quarter. Thank you for being a part of our LGE family!

Kelly Gray – 14 years

Jim Kelly – 13 years

Mike Scott – 4 years

Felipe Reyes – 3 years

Lili Leon – 2 years

Robert Shepard – 2 years

John Mocarski – 2 years

Mike Krause – 1 year

Of course, we couldn’t forget to wish a happy birthday to our employees who celebrated another lap around this sun April through June. We hope this next year is even greater than the last!

4/2 Ben McRae

4/4  Glenn Grover

4/16 Grant Blunt

4/17 Devan Soto

4/19 Mike Scott

4/30 Keith Whitaker

5/5 Carrie Garcia

5/20 Fred Moll

5/24 Stephanie Alvarez

5/25 Jim Alonzo